Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How to get your Mind OVER Mattress and Wake Up Early!

The average person wakes up at 7am so if you get up at 6am you are up before 80% of the population, if you are up at 5am you have 2 extra hours a day to get ahead of the competition. That’s 14 hours extra a week. In the morning you are far more productive because your brain waves are slower to start and your stress hormones are at their lowest and there is just less distraction from the outside world.

No 1: Have a big why. 80% of success is why and 20% is how. If you have a big enough why about anything you brain finds the resources to do it. I think your motivation for waking up early is very important. Motivation comes from the word motive. So what is your motive for waking up early? You have to get your mind over mattress. A why could be because you want to be the biggest in your field you want to get ahead of the rest of your competition or you want to help the most people.

No 2: Is commitment! You must make your mind up about it. It’s not I’ll try to wake up early , its I will wake up at this time. That means putting your phone in another room and deciding to wake up at that time. There is no debate in your mind about it. It’s as if you had to catch the most important flight of your life.

No 3: Use the 5,4,3,2,1 strategy and don’t think. What this does is it stops your brain from asking the question do I feel like getting up? To ‘I am getting up.’ Taking out this thinking time causes you to act because you know on the count of one you must get up. That takes you from the basal ganglia which is the habit part of your mind running your behaviours to the prefrontal cortex which is the decision making part of the brain. That means NO snooze button.

No 4: Move your body immediately! I studied successful people and saw they all moved the body immediately after waking up. Tony robbins jumps in a cryotherapy chamber or takes a cold shower then jumps in a hot tub , Richard branson goes surfing, Arnold Schwarzenger goes to the gym. Many of you are still asleep many you wake up that’s why people go back to bed.

No 5: Make it your identity! Call yourself a 5amer or a 6amer or an early morning riser. That will cause you to stay consistent.

No 6: Get a good nights sleep! No technology for 30 mins before bed at least is ideal. This allows Melontin to be released so you can sleep easy.

And remember every night Plan for the following day, that will make it easier for your brain to relax!

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