Monday, 21 March 2016

The Power Of A True Decision

Have different thoughts this week and you will produce different feelings this week. have different feelings this week and you will produce different behaviours. which will equal different results. crazy.

***If you do not CHANGE NOW you are going to wake up where you are headed.***
Most people have a life they dont want because they have been focusing on what they DONT want. if you focus on what you dont want long enough you you are actually guaranteed to create it. if you focus on what you do want and take massive consistent fearless action then you will actually create what you want. its no big secret. its just a law of the universe that whatever you focus on expands in your life.

If you make a decision on something and change your mind you are saying to the universe not only a) Dont bring me what i want but also b) you are giving an imbedded command to your unconscious mind to associate pain to what you want in your life (which means you'll sabotage yourself) and...... you are telling your unconscious mind that you cant have what you want. this is the most destructive thing you can do.

Make different decisions this week and you will produce different actions. if you produce different actions you will produce different results. If your decisions are toward what you want and if you take massive consistent action you WILL actually set a new standard for yourself and change your life, permanently. 

If you want to lead your own life and actually be a leader for others then make a decision and commit to it!! That means go all chips in, leave no stone unturned and decide to act upon what is going to be your new chosen direction. You will create a new destiny and people will also follow you because you are certain in your direction.

Nelson Mandela didnt say I have a dreammm... and then go "wait no I dont." Muhammad Ali didnt step into the ring and say "actually can I just jump out now." Oprah Winfrey doesnt go on air and say to the audience go home everyone I've changed my mind. 

The word decision comes from the latin, incision. Which means to cut off from. a true decision is where you cut off from any other possibility EXCEPT for the thing you are committed to.
Your life is where it is right now because of the sum total of your conscious and unconscious decisions up until now. It is important for your future to ask yourself these questions.....
1) What is my intention in this life?
2) What do I really want?
3) Where do I really want to be in 5 years,. 10 years and 20 years time?
4) What do I have to believe to get there?
5) what do I have to do consistently day in and day out to get there?
6) how will i celebrate as I achieve greater success?

For things to change you have to change. For things to get better you have to get better. May you create the life of your dreams!

To your success and to your greatness...

Love and Light, Luke

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