Sunday, 30 April 2017

Our FIRST EVER Video Release + How To Squash Procrastination

First of all I want to THANK everyone for the amazing response and all the shares for our first public video in a series called 'Decide To Feel Good.' If you haven't seen it yet then click here to watch! Over 4.6K views and over 50 shares in 3 Days is Outstanding!! Thank YOU so much!

Our intention is to create a movement where we help solve your problems that are holding you back in your life and give you the best content on the planet to CHANGE your life and create the SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT you deserve! I wish for more people to know how to enjoy their life at the deepest level and create a life on their terms! Any help you can give by sharing this message on your Facebook I would be deeply grateful for. You can watch and share the Video by Clicking Here!

How to SQUASH Procrastination and Hesitation (Note: This will 10X your productivity and results)

One of the biggest things that hold people back from success is waiting to feel like taking action before you actually take it. So many are waiting to feel 'ready' or feel motivated or feel confident or feel courageous before they act and the truth is that feeling may never come. Our thoughts can be the biggest dream killers or dream builders and the second you hesitate from what you know you should do your brain is actually designed to magnify that feeling and stop you from doing it the longer you hesitate. This is called the 'spotlight' effect.The longer you wait to take action the more that feeling of hesitation gets magnified and the harder it is to take action. So if you are waiting to feel 'ready' or confident before you do that facebook live or do that presentation or whatever it is outside of your comfort zone you are simply sabotaging yourself.

So .... how do you get out of this?

I talked about it this week in my facebook live and what you want to do is implement what is called the '5 Second Rule'. This was developed by a lady called Mel Robbins where she though instead of just trying to get herself to feel motivated to get out of bed she simple gave herself a 5 second countdown and just jumped out of bed. Not only was it used for this but it was also used for anything you procrastinate on and for anything you know you should do but you dont feel like doing. I have already used it this week and have had an amazing week giving myself a 5 second countdown on anything I know I should do and then act.

I highly recommend this week whenever you notice yourself procrastinating or hesitating on what you know you should do just count backwards 5,4,3,2,1 and then do whatever you said you would. This will wake up your prefrontal cortex and cause you to act. This is the part of your brain where you decision making takes place and all your power is while the basal ganglia which is the part of your brain that maintains your habits is designed to just maintain the habits you already have. So there you go!

Use that 5 second rule and watch you world transform!!

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